Friday, August 15, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure

I may need support from you other moms out there, but I have a new secret favorite television show. . . The Wonder Pets.
I had to present an all day, 8 hour seminar in Texas in July, and the next day, I flew home. I wasn on the plane, and I needed a mental release from the stress of the previous day. I grabbed my iPod and watched the Wonder Pets save the baby dolphin in Hawaii ("Aloha, Hawaii." "Oohh. It's very tropical.") -- it was an episode I put on my iPod for Henry to watch when we flew to Florida last spring.
I could seriously watch this show for hours. I love the little song ("The phone, the phone is ringing!" - wouldn't that be a great ringtone?). I love the tin can phone system at the beginning. I've been analyzing this guilty pleasure and trying to come to peace with it, and I've decided I like the show so much because it's secretly the peaceful world in which I would like to live - where in some Polyannaish way we could all take care of each other and appreciate each species (okay, person) in existence. But, what makes the Wonder Pets world so great is not just the Team Work... it's also that every animal is cheerful, polite to each other, has each other's best interest in mind, and every problem has a simple solution if we just think about it and work together. I'm old enough and cynical enough to know we cannot live in a world like this. But, I find a great mental release in imagining the Wonder Pets world.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"The dresses turned out beautiful!"

I LOVE EMAIL! Sometimes I forget how great it is because it is such a part of our everyday reality. Melissa sent Erin and I a great email with the subject, "The dresses turned out beautiful!" and included pictures of their girls in maggie delaney. It made my day! The girls had birthdays in July, and she ordered coordinating dresses for them. The one year old is wearing daisy pink, kaleidoscope pink, candy cane pink, and the four year old is in daisy pink, kaleidoscope and Molly. Don't you just love the helmet and elbow pads with the dress?

Monday, August 4, 2008

introducing the book!

Someone sent me this youtube link today, and it cracked me up so much, I thought you would all enjoy seeing it, too. I feel this way a lot with new technologies. I can't keep track of twitter and flickr and all the other r's out there.

If you ever feel this way when you are maggie delaney-ing, just email us or call, and we promise we'll help you figure out what fabrics you can put together:

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