Saturday, March 20, 2010

orange you glad it's spring?

Having lived in the Washington, DC area for a good portion of my life, I absolutely, positively love spring. The cherry blossoms around the tidal basin make me smile. I remember waddling around the tidal basin when I was super pregnant with Miss Maggie, just wishing she would be born. And, I remember when she was not quite a year old, she and I woke up really early (probably 5:30 am) on a Saturday morning and I packed her and the stroller in the car, drove into DC and watched the sun rise as we walked through the cherry blossoms.

At any rate, what I love most about spring is seeing color again. After the dreary skies of late winter and the white snow and brown grass, the colors of spring are so encouraging and hopeful. I never get into the newness of the New Year, but I love the newness of spring. Spring must be the season for optomists.

To celebrate the optomism of spring, maggie delaney is featuring a fabric combination we call Orange You Glad it's Spring in the ready made/store portion of our website. Order the dress in sizes 3-6 months up to 8 years now, and we will ship it to you right away.