Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fashion design on line

maggie delaney lets you design your own dresses and skirts online without fear (check out the new maggie delaney return policy). And, did you know you can design your own fashion magazine? Totally just came across this site on the New York Times website when I was procrastinating this morning. It's called Polyvore.com and you can look at fashion magazine pages designed by others and you can also design your own. Too much fun -- cannot get started this morning or I will never get anything done!

Monday, July 20, 2009

maggie delaney size chart

We posted the maggie delaney size chart under the "info" section of the maggie delaney website yesterday. The measurements are of actual maggie delaney skirts and dresses and are given in inches. The range on the skirt waists shows how far the skirt will stretch at a comfortable fit. Please remember that every maggie delaney garment is custom made, so if you need something tweaked to make it fit your little girl, just contact one of us: