Saturday, February 23, 2008

Designing for sisters

Yesterday, I helped a customer design three dresses for her three daughters for Easter. I cannot wait to see the three of them in their maggie delaneys. The 3 year old is going to wear a skipper, the 5 year old will wear a monarch, and the 8 year old will wear a painted lady.
Each dress has cotton candy flowers and licorice stripe:

And, then for the youngest, we put Maria green in the dress.
For the middle daughter, we added Maria purple.

The oldest daughter's painted lady will have Maria brown. If you want to take pastel fabrics, like the purples and greens in cotton candy flowers and licorice stripe, and make them look more mature, Maria brown, or any brown fabric, is a great way to do that.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Do you need Tim Gunn to help you with your maggie delaney design?

So, I'm watching the Daily Show right now, and Tim Gunn is on from Project Runway. He is perhaps the funniest person alive. They just showed the clip where he told Sweet Pea that her dress was "very happy hands at home granny circle," and it makes me laugh so hard. What I remember is that Tim told Sweat Pea (the designer) how to change the dress, and then it looked amazing and she almost won.

Kel and I are trying to figure out how to help serve as your Tim Gunn, should you need one. We are going to post ideas for fabric combinations here because it gives us a ton of flexibility and also a space for our designers - you, the customers - to give each other advice on your fabric combinations.

Here's one Erin is loving right now:

Erin Pink, Lucille's Garden, Bubble Fun Multi

Sunday, February 17, 2008

so... this is a blog?

hey maggie delaney fans, kel and i are new to the world of blogs. everyone says we need one, so here we are. we plan to use the blog to let you know what's new with the world of maggie delaney - when we get new fabrics, what new designs we are playing around with, and our often crazy experiences as entrepreneurs. so, play with us - post some comments, your thoughts, and even your pictures of your adorable girls in their maggie delaneys. aside from spending a lot of time on the phone together, our favorite part about this whole adventure is when we see a girl proudly wearing her maggie delaney.